D E M O game / download HOMO SAPIENS is now availlable as a playable demo version ! This demo version is a early version of Homo Sapiens game, and it will help to test the basic game mechanics and also some of the missions/wave events. If you play this version, any suggestion is verry welcome. Also if you find bugs and issues, please help, that this game can crow, and send your comments to game3d@game3d.ch. DOWNLOAD Instruction Download the demo version here and extract the zip to a location of your choice. Start the game with Homo Sapiens.exe may it take a while, the first time you start the game, this is about the shader generation.      .................... DOWNLOAD Homo Sapiens DEMO DOWNLOAD Open play world Missions / Wave events Stoneage environment © GAME3D  -  2015 game3d@game3d.ch www.game3d.ch Latest game update: 06.04.2015