Contact © GAME3D  -  2015 Some of the models are taken from They all got a redesign and all models are animated by GAME3D. Here is a list about the model autors from Blend Swap. T-Rex                    CC-0 licensed     by dancg / Dragon  CC-0 licensed     by miklosizoltan / Chupcabra  CC-0 licensed     by CerFriBar / GoblinMan    CC-3 licensed     by blenderman95 / Ogredude  CC-0 licensed     by Sazerac / Dromaeosaur  CC-0 licensed     by Animaniac888 / Dino              CC-0 licensed by Mutte /          Lemur  CC-3 licensed     by blenderman95 / The play characters are made with Make Human and Blender. Some Textures are from Ron Kapaun. UAISK / T3D / Forester Pro Thanks to Paul Yoskowitz from Winterleaf Entertainment, for the improved engine code.