Start page © GAME3D  -  2015 Homo sapiens is still under developing. But for early test purposes, GAME3D offer a free to play demo version of Homo Sapiens. The demo is already playable, and also a lot of the creatures are around. You can enjoy the landscape, and also explore the stoneage island. Demo Homo Sapiens Is a survival adventure, single player PC game. The player, a homo sapiens character, start with only some little food, in a beatyful stoneage environment. He search resources, so he can make weapons. A lot creatures are all around, and make the life nor easy. Hunt the creatures to crow up. Homo Sapiens Homo sapiens survival game content also wave events and missions. This missions will help you to crow a bit faster, but you need to be ready and prepared to have success in that. Some times you can hire a NPC to help you at hunts. Also escort missions are part of this stonage game. Wave events and missions GAME3D is a verry small one person video game developing studio, at home in the city of BERN Switzerland. Most of the time, Game3D is working at the game Down of Ascension at Winterleaf Entertainment, as lead level designer and 3d environmental artist. See more at GAME3D